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       公司主营车型:江淮格尔发、华菱重卡、北方奔驰、联合重卡、陕汽德龙、福田欧曼、柳汽霸龙、中国重汽斯太尔、豪沃、上汽依维柯红岩、解放奥威J6、东风天龙大力神、广汽日野、三一重工等国内外各种重型商务车车桥、非公路矿用车车桥及零部件。公司与上述车型众多知名品牌车桥厂、底盘零部件厂及装车配套企业签订了产品省级区域一级代理协议及总经销协议,原厂配件,质量保证,使客户更加的放心和满意。 本公司坚持 “以人为本、以质取胜、诚信经营、互惠互利、共同发展”的经营理念,谒诚服务于广大客户,让您不再有后顾之忧,公司愿与国内外新老朋友精诚合作、共创辉煌!

Guangzhou jinxin remit heavy auto parts co., LTD.,

founded in 2000, the company sets of heavy auto parts production, the sale, distribution and after-sales service as one of the supply chain, was the first professional wholesale, retail in guangzhou heavy duty truck chassis xmal company at home and abroad. Our company with reliable product quality and good corporate reputation, after more than ten years of development, has developed into a strong, guangzhou's largest specialized wholesale and distribution engineering, tractor, semi-trailer, dump truck, mixing car KuangYongChe, tank car axle of heavy-duty chassis accessories company. Company's existing storage area of more than 8000 square meters, a variety of 25000 inventory of. Sales network coverage in guangdong province, fixed distribution route as many as dozens of guangdong region, and exported to the Middle East, southeast Asia and other regions. Company's main models: the yangtze-huaihe riegl hair, valin heavy card, north Benz, combined steam heavy card, shan calderon, fukuda dragon in the European man, liu steam, sinotruk steyr, Howard, saic iveco hongyan, Mr Wei J6 liberation, dongfeng tianlong hercules, gac hino, sany heavy industry and so on all sorts of heavy commercial vehicles at home , non road axle mining truck axles and parts. Company with numerous well-known brands the person above models, the chassis parts factory and OEM enterprises signed products provincial regional level agency agreement and total distribution agreement, original accessories, quality assurance, make customers more trust and satisfaction. Our company adhere to the \"people-oriented, quality win, good faith management, mutual benefit, common development\" business philosophy, and wholeheartedly serve our customers, let you no longer have trouble back at home, the company is willing to work with new and old friends at home and abroad sincere cooperation, create brilliant!